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21st July 2024 

Frequently Asked Questions, Terms and Conditions

What's the difference between psychotherapy and counselling?
Although there is no commonly agreed distinction between counselling and psychotherapy, there is a general understanding that counselling describes a briefer treatment that tends to focus more on behaviour, specific symptoms and particular problematic situations. Counselling therefore is considered to be more solution focused and problem solving in its approach.

Psychotherapy is generally longer term, and more concerned with deeper and more fundamental matters.

I offer both, depending on the needs and wishes of each individual client.

How long are sessions?
Sessions usually last an hour.
Sometimes it is practical and useful to arrange longer sessions, if appropriate.
I have an initial meeting with clients, which is both consultation and assessment, before we agree to proceed.

Please note that this meeting is charged for at the normal rate.

What fees can I expect to pay?
My full fee is £65 for individual work and supervision. My fee for couples is £85. I operate a sliding scale in case of need.

What is your policy regarding cancellation?
48 hours notice of cancellation is required. If a client cancels within this period, they will be charged for the session. This policy does not apply to exceptional circumstances such as medical emergencies.